A New Year

I can’t express the joy that courses through my body when I consider or remember the fact that it’s a new year. 2016 brought many unspeakably awful things to bear, most of which I’m still working through. The prospects past this small bastion of new years celebration are dim. A president of questionable quality has been sworn in as the leader of the United States, and all of my friends and family are in an uproar about it. I’m mad too. None of my friends understand that I’m angry when I try to share my feelings with them. I feel that our best option in this current setting is to keep a close eye on the new president and his cronies and any superiors he might have. The media is a horrible and awful spin machine. I realized after the election that I was terrified into voting for Hillary Clinton. I did not want to vote for her, but the overarching message from the democratic party had been “you have to vote for Hillary or Trump will win!” first of all, 1 vote is a drop in the water. The collective action of EVERYONE voting DOES decide the outcome of the election, so it is very important to put your vote in… but in the grand scheme of things, your vote is a drop in the water.

I didn’t want either Trump nor Hillary, and I would’ve voted alternative party to help get a 5% representation, but again, was terrified into voting for Hillary by my democratic peers. Trump is a bad guy. But let’s consider where we get this understanding from. Keeping in mind that all media output is owned by corporations, that are considered people in our country, and have extreme lobbying power and control over the government. It is in their best interest to get as many readers as possible as it makes them more money and advances whatever mental framework they have going in their own minds. Unfortunately that means that integrity is not guaranteed among reporters. The news about Trump, while mostly true, has definitely been blown out of proportion, and has been used for fear mongering to control the citizens of the country, and those who care outside of our borders.

Two things that are certain now: Trump is signing executive orders to immediately advance his agenda, and some of the news reporting was correct pre-inauguration. Trump (or whomever) wants a wall built, and borders closed to muslims. This is a giant problem. Taking a sweeping action against a whole group based on the actions of a small sliver of it is short-sighted and antithetic to acceptance, peace, and understanding. It furthers hate instead of fostering compassion. It’s sending a message to the muslim people that they will be judged for actions they did not perform. This is the WRONG message. The correct message is that some people are very evil, but those evil people do not get the power of fear that we are throwing at them right now. We send love and compassion to our family, friends, and strangers that are muslim, and even to those who would fight and kill our people. One person’s terrorist, is another person’s freedom fighter. The wall is also heinous, but it is lest impactful than a ban on certain people entering the country. A fence covers most of our border with Mexico, and while I agree that we need defined borders, a wall is an excessive show of supremacy when we need to foster our relationship with Mexico, instead of building a wall between it.

Briefly on the minutiae of life: I continue to find it difficult to communicate to people the reasons why I decide I’m not up to talking to them on the phone or hooking up after radio silence for a couple of years. One of my college classmates and I have reconnected, and I had to ask her to postpone our scheduled phone call as I didn’t feel comfortable catching up with her over the phone. I’ve also twice now reconnected with someone to have them try to push something on me. I don’t know if that will happen in this case, but it should be fine. I am glad, too, that my vacation is over and I can go back to working on building up my daily routine and self accountability.

In conclusion, we must be very careful and prepared to deal with false or misleading news. It’s ALWAYS better to observe for yourself and make a call based on someone’s action, rather than someone else’s words that describe the action that took place. There’s a reason first hand accounts are very important for research work!